Peru launches South America’s latest digital nomad VISA

The Peruvian government recently issued a decree establishing the nation's inaugural digital nomad visa program, named Digital Nomad-Residence. This initiative caters to international individuals who aim to work remotely from Peru while immersing themselves in its rich array of tourist destinations. The Superintendency of Migration will grant this visa for an initial one-year duration, with the possibility of renewal.

Peru Visa

This program is specifically designed for foreign professionals and freelancers who are employed by companies outside Peru. It enables them to reside and work in the country for up to a year, with an extension option available. The exact financial and salary prerequisites for applicants are yet to be disclosed. However, it’s important to note that visa holders must generate their income from outside Peru, as working for a local company or earning income within the country is prohibited.

The introduction of this visa marks a significant shift in Peru’s immigration policy. It aims to synchronize with the evolving global remote work landscape, as noted by the Superintendency of Migration. The digital nomad visa is expected to bolster Peru’s immigration system, enhance national security, and facilitate legal and orderly entry.

Additionally, the decree includes a new visa for citizens of other Andean countries, such as Bolivia, Colombia, and Ecuador. This move is intended to foster immigration and commerce with these neighboring nations.

Prior to this decree, foreign freelancers or those working for overseas employers could only obtain tourist visas, which were limited to a 90-day extension. This restriction often hampered their ability to stay and travel within Peru for longer periods. The new decree also adjusts the validity periods of local identification cards for foreign residents and streamlines the deportation process for those considered security risks.

Peru’s initiative follows in the footsteps of several countries that have recently launched or updated their digital nomad visa programs, including the Czech Republic, Colombia, Spain, and Montenegro.

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