Kazakhstan has implemented immigration policy reforms that include a reduction in the threshold for obtaining an investor visa.

Kazakhstan, a major economy in Central Asia, has recently announced significant changes to its immigration policy with the aim of attracting skilled migrants and investors. During a press conference, Askarbek Yertayev, the Chairperson of the Migration Committee at the Kazakh Ministry of Labor, revealed that they are relaxing restrictions for skilled foreign labor and planning to lower the investment threshold for the country's A-5 investor visa.


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Under the new policy, potential investors will be able to obtain an individual identification number and an electronic digital signature through a simplified process at diplomatic missions, following a single application principle. Furthermore, there are plans to decrease the required investment threshold for business investors to qualify for an investor visa to $300,000.

Currently, Kazakhstan offers the A-5 investor visa to foreign individuals holding high-ranking positions or engaged in investment activities within the country. Successful applicants are granted the ability to reside in Kazakhstan, establish businesses, own property, and hire employees. The visa is valid for up to five years and does not impose minimum residency requirements.

The revised migration policy will introduce a new type of investor visa, the A-6 investor visa, which will be granted to foreign investors for a period of ten years in exchange for investments of $300,000 or more. Additional benefits of the A-6 visa have yet to be fully disclosed.

It is speculated that the new Kazakh visa policy may specifically target Russian investors. While Yertayev did not explicitly mention the nationality of the investors granted the visa this year, media reports suggest that they predominantly come from neighboring Russia.

Kazakhstan shares strong cultural ties with Russia, with the Russian language widely spoken in the country. Additionally, Kazakhstan boasts the world’s second-largest proven oil reserves, making it an attractive destination for investors.

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